Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle? Wondering where you can buy one in Australia?

Well, since Australian lands never saw feudalism, this continent has missed out on the medieval castle-building fashion. So, you would be hard pressed to find an authentic medieval castle in Australia. But don’t lose hope. You still can achieve your dreams! Australia is full of modern “castles”. And they are even better — who would want to live in a gloomy, ghost-haunted medieval castle anyway?

Wondering where to get a castle of your own?

Here is a list of modern Australian castles available to buy right now.

53 Telegraph Road Pymble

This house is the former home of Australian business magnate John Symonds. It has everything that a real medieval castle should have: a grand foyer, a banquet room, and a library. The residence was built in 1906 and was renovated several times since then. It harmoniously combines the architecture of that era with modern features.

Sunshine Castle, Bli Bli, Queensland

If you still want a real medieval castle then you will love the Sunshine castle. This property is as close to an authentic medieval castle as you can get in Australia. High stone walls with battlements, drawbridge — just by looking at it you might think that you are in Europe.

Currently, the castle is occupied by a tourist business with a cafe and a souvenir shop, but you can turn it into a personal residence if you buy it. You should hurry though: owners are hesitant about selling it so they might take it off the market.

When it comes down to castles, it always better seeing them with your own eyes than hearing about them. This video will guide you through the Sunshine castle.

The Castle, Lenah Valley, Tasmania

The building that on the outside looks like a mix of a European castle and a lovely rural cottage actually has a cushy restaurant inside. Together with the “castle”, owners sell 2773 sq.m. estate that surrounds it, which will be your feudal realm should you buy it. The building has operated as a restaurant since it was built in the middle of last century, but the happy buyer will be able to turn it into whatever he wishes.

717 Hobart Road, Breadalbane

This is not only a castle but also a huge and well-developed estate with its own vineyard, pools and a tennis court. Some say that this estate has connections with the English monarchy. But for all we care, it will become yours if you are ready to pay a measly $3 million for this magnificent residence.

3 Davey Road Dural

This luxurious house is for people who want only the best. The 1.5 ha estate occupied with a luxurious warm-water pool, stables and a tennis court. The huge yard is full of sophisticated statues and fountains. The house itself among many other luxuries hosts a ballroom, a billiard room, and a banquet room. If you buy this house, entertaining guests won’t ever be a problem for you again. It will become yours for $7.5 million.

As you can see buying there are plenty of castles in Australia. So, if you ever have dreamed about being a medieval lord or lady, know that you can realize these dreams.

If you are currently short on cash, there are some options for you too! Watch this video to learn about abandoned Australian castles that you can get for free.